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NVOCC Vs Freight Forwarder? 

What is the difference between NVOCC and Freight Forwarder? 

Both NVOCC and freight forwarder considered to be a transporter intermediators. Normally a freight forwarder provides consultancy services and well experience in  transportation, warehousing, ocean freight, Air Cargo and other logistics support to the client. However the NVOCC provides carrier (mostly Shipping Container services) with Own bill of lading. 

Technically speaking  NVOCC & Freight forwarders are similar to each other.However, there are many difference between the two parties. 

A freight forwarder can offer services from one point to another point.Freight Forwarder use Air Cargo, Sea or Road transport. Most of the freight forwarder negotiate contract rates with shipping lines and air carriers. Freight Forwarder can also help to book the consignment with carriers, preparation shipping documents, Certificate of origin, Customs clearance and issuing own House bill of lading or Air waybill.

The NVOCC provides ocean freight services. NVOCC books large space with Common Carrier and resell the space to freight forwarders and shippers. NVOCC can issue own bill of lading as carrier. Most of the NVOCC’s are registered with Ministry of transport or FMC ( In USA) and file the tariff with respective department. 

Comparison of Freight Forwarder VS NVOCC

Freight Forwarder                                                    NVOCC

Offer complete logistic Service                            Sea Cargo & Container Service

Affiliate FIATA/IATA or Logistic Network           Participate in Network like FNC GROUP

Issue House bill of lading                                         Issue carrier bill of lading 

Acting on behalf of customer                               Acting on behalf of carrier 

Affiliate with FIATA or Regional                           Registered with Shipping Depart    

Freight Forwarding Association                           ( Similar to FMC in USA)

A Freight Forwarder or NVOCC, both of them are important player of logistic industry. Being NVOCC most of them do not offer traditional freight forwarding services. If you are a shipper and looking complete logistic service, freight forwarder will be the better choice. If you are looking only ocean freight service NVOCC will be the right choice. 

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