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FNC Group
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Generate your own revenue by partnering in FNC Group affiliation program. FNC Group offers a potential benefit referring to grow better and be a representative in the international platform. Earn upto $500 for each successful registration referred by you in FNC Group.

The Benefits

CONGRATULATIONS!! for being our empowered affiliated referral agent of FNC Group. Be proud to recommend quality freight forwarders and logistics professionals to our network.FNC Group offers reward not only for the membership enrollment but also for every renewal of the company you referred.


What is FNC Group Affiliation program ?

With over 530+ members, FNC Group membership strength is growing and attracting more professional forwarders in day to day basis. However, we are handpicking the companies without rush. We are giving an opportunity for you to refer a known and qualified company in FNC Group and in return, you are rewarded with a commission.


How is FNC Group Affiliation works for you ?

After the successful completion of the company referred by you in the group, you will be entilted to receive the commission fixed as per our terms available in the website.You can submit the referral details in the below link.Your referral will be available in the website for 60 days only. You will be eligible to receive the commission within the 60 days of the enrollemnt of the company you referred.


Does it cost you as affiliated referral agent ?

Absolutely NO!! You can become our referral agent at any time and no limits of earning  commission. You can refer ‘N’ numbers of members to the group and get more commissions as a life-long revenue for each and every successful registration as well as for their renewals.

Earn Revenue

Earn up to $500 for each new member you refer, depending on the membership tier.

US$ 150 for successful registration in Basic Membership 

USD 200 for successful registration in Verified Membership 

USD 500 for successful registration in Platinum Membership 


Terms & Condition

1. Referral must be submitted in the below form

2. The validity of reference is 60 days ( Referred company must join the group within 60 days)

3. All applications are subject to approval by FNC Verification Team

4.FNC won’t accept a reference from the same company who work with.

5. If we receive 2 referrals for one application we take the information of the reference agent provided by applicant.

6.Your commission will be transferred in PAYPAL within 10 working days after the membership approval.

7.Not less than USD 500 will be transferred through bank.

8. FNC Group Members can adjust this commission against their membership renewal. We will issue the subject credit note for their proof.






How am I consider to be eligible to be part of this program?

All you need to be enthusiastic to team up with the group which provides you with all details to earn your commission. At the least, you should have a connection with freight forwarders, friendly relationship and market update to refer the direct client. It’s an open hub to accumulate your unlimited revenue opportunities.



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