Check List for Freight Network Corporation Members

FNC GROUP- All the FNC Group members are working under a common code of ethics. To offer quality services all the members are expecting payment in right time. 98% members are considered best paymaster in industry. FNC Admin always helps members’ whenever they are facing problem in collecting payments.

Remember Before doing Business

Please use the below checklist and remember the points before and after doing business fellow freight forwarders in FNC Group.

Verify the Membership Directory

It is very important to use and verify the membership directory frequently. Any question for clarification about a member please contact the admin team

Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance is the responsibility of a shipper/Consignee. Freight Forwarder is not responsible for delay or damage of the cargo.

Delinquent Freight Forwarder

Do not do business with a delinquent freight forwarder. You can always be updating the delinquent forwarders who is harmful to our industry.

Terms and Conditions

FNC Group members are working under common code or ethics. However please discuss and agree mutual terms before doing business

Non Exclusive

Freight Network Corporation is a nonexclusive freight forwarders network. Please choose the right partner suites to your requirement.

Admin Support

FNC admin team is always ready to support. Please get in touch with us for any help at all time.