Member code of ethics

The purpose of the FNC Group Code of Ethics is to serve as a guide for the conduct of its members. It contains standards of ethical behavior for the member in their professional relationships within FNC Group

  • As a member in good standing of Freight Network Corporation my company fully subscribes to these business ethics and practices in all dealing with FNC members:
  • To support fellow members to the fullest extent possible.
  • Payment between members must not exceed 30 days from the end of monthly statement. Failure to do so could result in expulsion.
  • To be aware that the value of the annuity to be paid during the renewal period.
  • To be active in sales endeavors for mutual growth.
  • To respect other members’ existing customer bases and refrain from back selling.
  • To provide bona fide sales leads when possible.
  • To be properly staffed for the highest level of service.
  • To operate in accordance with all stated shipping advice.
  • To promptly respond to all communications (Within 24 hours).
  • To quote rates in full detail in a timely manner.
  • To share profits according to prior agreement with another member.
  • To seek the help of FNC administration for dispute resolution.

Members must have internet access and email capability and use available software for day to day business.

By applying for membership to FNC Group you indicate that you have accepted and will abide by the Membership Code of Conduct as published from time to time

Building Partnership


We help our members grow their business through a secured, positive and professional partnership atmosphere  that enable them to develop quality, long-lasting business relationships

- John P