G4 Cargo do Brasil Logistica Ltda was established in 2015, at Sao paulo, Brazil.

The company focused on services in the area of ​​Foreign Trade, with great focus on the international and national transport segment.

A story that began to be written from the union of working professionals,

However, with a lot of experience in the area and the desire to create a strong organization,

In Additionaly,it  focus on the client and with increasingly transparent and agile processes.

G4 Cargo of Brazil was founded to act with the provision of transportation services, consulting and support.

The point of origin to its destination, aiming to  best cost-benefit-time relationship.

The operational and administrative structure has great expertise,

Similarly, with a team highly prepared to serve clients from the most diversified segments and locations.

Brazil’s participation in the international market is still below ideal volume.

The Brazilian exports will be directed to the growth route to which they belong;

The company was built, with a solid knowledge in air and maritime shipping;

In order to guarantee its customers’ processes agility, efficiency and cost reduction.

Given the extreme competition that Brazilian products find abroad, ensuring quality logistics;

At reduced costs is a competitive advantage that needs to be considered.

The quality of Company  processes is not only related to the great experience of its employees

But  to the ideals that are part of the construction of this company.

In a much more structural and comprehensive way, the company’s methods and processes have already been built on the basis of ISO 9000 guidelines,

guaranteeing excellence in our quality management model.

A history that began after the joining of active and expert professionals with a large experience and the idea of building a strong company,

focusing on customers’ satisfaction and on efficient and clear processes.

G4 Cargo do Brasil Logistica Ltda joined FNC- Group since 22nd Feb,2019.

Our All FNC- Group congratulating them. Mr. Herberth Marques is the Key contact person of this company.

Address :
Rua Doutor Cesar, 530, Room 1501
São Paulo,
Brazil .

Phone : +551122834763

Website : www.g4cargo.com.br

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