Japan Van Lines Co.Ltd. was born in 1961 at Yokohama, Japan.

The Company have patronage for many customers as foreign countries, domestic
seaborne goods, Airlines and the physical distribution planner who proposes the logistics strategy with which service was combined widely to from an intermodal transport.

storage in warehouse, And Custom clearance for since then for more than 50 years.

JVL always aims at its logistics service of optimal quality
with customer-oriented sales in mind.

JVL’s well organized and experienced professional staff dedicates themselves to enhance both customers’ and our interest.

JVL contributes to the society with its full range logistics services being helpful for ever user.

Based in Tokyo and Yokohama, JAPAN VAN LINES Co., Ltd. (JVL) handles all kinds of shipments to and from every port in Japan.

We have plenty of experience and offer total support for our clients’ logistics plans with a complete set of systems.

Company have skilled staff with a wealth of knowledge about customs clearance procedures that can arrange high quality service.

Thanks to our established knowledge, experience, performance record, and reliable service, we have received high evaluations from our clients.

We can aid with the completion of difficult customs clearance documents and we promise smooth handling of your cargo using the know-how we have cultivated over many years.

Japan Van Lines is the FNC- Group Member since 31st Dec 2007. Mr. Toshi Ihara is the Key contact person of this good Company.

Address :

Phone :+81-3-6779-9610
Website : www.jvl.co.jp

To join FNC Group please check the requirement and application form. We are accepting quality freight forwarders to our network.