Korea Trans Line Co. Ltd. was established on 2008 at Busan, Korea, Republic Of.

It is Accredited with NVOCC.

Since its establishment in 2008, Korea Transline has grown from a marine, air, and land transportation service to import and export cargo,

And has become a comprehensive logistics company providing customized services throughout logistics including logistics, warehousing and warehousing .

In addition, by constructing efficient computerization and EDI system,

they are quickly and accurately performing tasks with major shipping companies and customs offices in the world.

Its an established the FORWARDING PARTNERS and NETWORK of major ports and regions in more than 60 countries .

To provide smooth logistics services for import and export freight as well as trans-trade transactions between the three countries.

Currently, the borders of the economy are gradually disappearing, and the stage of competition is becoming more and more globalized.

Therefore, Korea Transline will positively reflect this environment and become a reliable partner in entering GLOBAL MARKET .

KOREA TRANSLINE carries out fast and safe transportation of your valuable cargo to the port of destination .

with accurate information and knowledge on the flight schedule of major marine vessels and major shipping companies around the world.

In addition, we have established advanced computerized and EDI system and provided customized co-ordinated services for logistics such as customs clearance,

Unloading and shipping as well as maritime transportation through the linkage of organic business with the leading forwarders of the countries in the world .

The services provided by Korea Transline:

*General container transportation service

* Special container transportation service
(freezing cold container, dangerous container,
flat track container, open top container)

* Mixed cargo transportation service

* Maritime & Air Transport Service

* General Air Freight Service

* Special cargo transportation service (frozen chilled cargo, dangerous cargo, long cargo)
* Emergency cargo transportation service

* Container freight transport service

* Small quantity cargo transportation service

* Bulk cargo transportation service

* Special cargo transportation service
(frozen refrigerated cargo, dangerous cargo, project, heavy cargo)

* Rail transportation service

KTL Provides High quality service in the Fields of Ocean Freight, Air Freight,

Inland Transport and Customs Clearance service with efficient Computerized system as Competitive rate and rich experience for worldwide shipments.

Korea Trans Line Co. Ltd. Joined FNC Group on 14th March 2014 and now its completed 5 years with FNC Group.

Mr. BongSeok Kim is the Key person of the KTL.

Address :
#504 Dong-A Jeil BLDG. 9,
Jungangdaero, 81Beon-Gil, Jung-Gu
Korea, Republic of

Phone : 82-51-463-4627 / 4628

Website : www.korea-trans.co.kr

To join FNC Group Please check the requirement and application form, We are accepting Quality Freight Forwarder for FNC Network.