To streamline outstanding payment, we are bringing the following 5 step procedure.

  1. Discuss payment terms/ credit period before accepting business
  2. Follow the payment schedule as per agreed days. 
  3. Report to FNC Admin if the outstanding exceed over the agreed period 
  4. FNC Admin will interfere to resolve the case by communicating with each other 
  5. If failure to admin offer the case will be further handled to Freight Protection Team & Collection Agent. 

When a complaint is raised against a company from multiple fellow members, the default company will be temporarily suspended  from the network & circulate a warning message to group members.

If your company is not under freight protection program, the case will be handled to the collection agency to recover the money from respective company. However FNC Administration is not responsible for the payment guarantee under this circumstance. 

FNC administration is also sharing the delinquent Members list with all major freight forwarding network therefore the delinquent forwarders will be blocked further to join any Freight Forwarding network. 

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