Saice was established in 1986 this is the freight forwarder and customs agency located in Barcelona, Spain.

Company have always been known for good service and reliability in deliveries. Good indicator of this is the longevity of their customers, and many of them “lifelong customers.”

Saice belongs to the Romeu Group , the leading Spanish holding international freight logistics.

Of course, They are Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) which helps their customers to enjoy advantages in intra-EU customs framework. It also allows us to perform activities as customs agents across the peninsula through centralized customs clearance.

Centralized customs clearance allows company to import and export shipments in any Spanish Customs . At European level there is also the figure of centralized clearance, which facilitates the processing companies that import products to Europe by various Community customs.

The import, transit and export of certain goods are subject to the intervention of various agencies, who perform inspection and control over the product before the presentation of the DUA.

Saice made the presentation of the declaration Intrastate those companies that amount of acquisitions or intra – Community supplies of goods are forced to do it.

Due to the nature of border management between the shipper and the client there is usually a constant transfer of data and documents between the two.

To facilitate communication with their customers and thus speed up customs management to have an online documentary manager where the customers can access all documents and information about their office .

Not only it is Easier to track the dispatch, but it saves time in information management. Less calls, emails less, but more information.

Saice joined FNC- Group on 7th Feb,2017. Over the years company is working as the leading Freight Forwarder.

Mr.Samuel Marquez is the Key Contact person with FNC- Group.

To join FNC Group please check the requirement and application form. We are accepting quality freight forwarders to our network.

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