SIS Internationale Speditions – GmbH is a member of the S-Group with about 400 employees and established in 1987 based in Germany.

This company is accredited with Customs Broker, IATA, and, FIATA.

In 1987, four freight forwarders, who came together from a logistics group, founded the SIS Internationale Speditions GmbH in Siegen for overseas traffic on the water, on the road, inland waterways, railroad tracks and in the air.

In addition, they also specialized in more complex transports to the Middle East and the challenges of paper logistics.

SIS Internationale Speditions Services:

  1. Air Freight
  2. Land Transports
  3. Natural Stone Logistics
  4. Ocean Freight
  5. Rail Freight

SIS Internationale Speditions-GmbH is working with FNC Group network since 2010.

Mr. Matthias Karger is the key contact person of this good company.


Lotzenarbachstraße 1,




Phone: +49 2735 789 314

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