Joining the Freight Forwarder’s Logistics Network is very essential for every freight forwarder. Today we will discuss the benefits of joining a freight forwarder & logistics network.


1.Establish Agency Cooperation


Agency partnership is required to promote and handle business in an international platform to and from the origin country.
To access a quick service for the daily operation, it is possible if the company is part of a qualified logistics network. To compare and consign the shipment anywhere around the world, is helped by a certified logistics network.


2.Generate new leads and Business Inquiry


It is very important to establish a new business in the industry. By joining a reputed network, a company can identify their partners to consign the shipments as well as to meet new partners to generate more business opportunities worldwide.


3.Payment protection


Freight forwarding and logistics industries are intensely competitive. Prompt paymaster is the most wanted partners in the logistic industry.Sometimes, due the political, economical and geographical conditions, there are cases of bankruptcy and bad debts happening in the logistics industry. In such cases, a network can be worthy to depend to collect the payment from the company. Many networks also offer high-quality payment protection program within the group to protect their members from these unpleasant situations.


4.Business conference


It is also important to meet the partners face to face. Other hands, it is not so easy to travel to each country to meet your partners which involves time & money consumption. Here, the networks play an important role in conducting conferences for the benefit of its members to meet the partners in a good interval of time in a common venue. This will keep the members of the group in a near distance and convey their business practices thoroughly in close interaction.


5.Enhance the accreditation


When enrolling to a quality network, the management of the logistics network will thoroughly verify the background and the ownership details of the company. Once the organization is approved the company is eligible to use the network logo and certificate. The certification will enhance business acceptance and credibility. A third party verification will add value to every organization.


6. Learn from the leaders.


Meeting partners from top companies always create a positive impact on everyone’s business. As a business entrepreneur, we should have a mind to learn something from everything. We can adapt to sound policies, system, and management skill from fellow partners.


7. Conquer the world


As an independent freight forwarder, it is always challenging to do business against multinational companies. However being part of qualified logistics network you are eligible to defeat such competition. There are several independent freight forwarders who are more efficient and competitive comparing to multinational freight forwarding companies. Due to non-exclusive policy members, you have the choice to find the right partner to defeat the competition and conquer the world.


8 Power of unity


Belonging to a network will make you feel the Power of Unity. The nature of the network will bring the close bonding between the members of the group. It is a wonderful opportunity to utilize the human resources available in the member’s company to bring more potential to the business. Most the companies have the highly talented freight forwarding professionals, and it can be utilized and create a win-win situation for logistics network members.



9 Increase the visibility of your organization


Belonging to the network will keep your company in a limelight. The network will list your company details in the directory page. Your company’s present status, special announcements, and developments can be shared with the network partners through the network email system.