Translog-Ship was incorporated in 2003 by Mr. J Bhandary along with a team of 6 highly experience and professional individuals.

with the purpose of providing professional service to extremely high demanding business of supply chain management.

Translogs initial areas of activity, was Customs Clearance and Transportation in Calcutta and Haldia ports. Over the years Translog has added multiple portfolios to its kitty and today is one of the leading total Logistics Solution Providers in the region.

Translog is certified with Customs Broker.

Translog is driven by the needs of their customers and partners. They have the flexibility and expertise to tailor logistical solutions which incorporate international sea, air and road transport.

Translog treat every business as relationship and not as a transaction, which drives them to become business partners of customers, helping them to be competitive by optimizing Supply Chain costs with high standards of deliverables.

Translog strives to make partnerships with like-minded Companies, and take pride in equal support to partners throughout the world.

The experience and dedication of their team have helped Translog become one of today’s fastest growing Companies in the region.

Translog-ship pvt ltd joined FNC-Group at 21st Feb 2018.

Mr. Jnanotosh Bhandari is the contact person with FNC- Group.

Address :

26/1A, Mohini Mohan Road,
Kalyani Apartments, 1st floor,

Phone : 00919830106930
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