[For all conference Participants]


We’re excited to see you soon at Ho Chi Minh City!!

One 2 One Access code

Please note the one2one access code will be released on 23 March 2019. All registered participants will receive the access code with the user details. If in case, you fail to receive one, please bring to the attention of admin immediately. We will assist you with the required details. You can make the online appointments to meet the partners on your choice. Kindly take the print out of your one2one scheduler and keep it ready in your hand for your easy reference. Please upload your photo in the scheduler which helps another member to quickly identify and start the meeting.

Cocktail Reception – Colourful Attire

We have got an awesome plan for the cocktail reception this time which was also a suggestion from one of our friends from FNC Group. This time we request the delegates to dress up in their respective national attire or any special kind of dress that you wish to wear.

The best dressed among the delegates will be recognized during the award ceremony.

I will be delegating a few of our members to choose among the best dressed one male & one female from the delegates. Hope to see all in the best colorful attires.

Best Freight Forwarder Award 2019

Check out the delegate list and we’ve got a delegate list of who’s coming in the link. Also this time we request you to nominate the award recipient from the participants. We are trying to find out the best delegate from the participants with their personal experience had with the fellow-partners. Click the below link to complete the process and help us to choose the best among the 100’s.


You are free to choose your favorite nominee for the “outstanding freight forwarders award 2019”.

We expect your active involvement and cooperation to help us recognize the best among you. This way its an opportunity to know the exceptional freight forwarders working in the platform for mutual development. Also, it is an inspiration for other members who want to be the nominee in the next event.

We will close the nomination on 10 March 2019

City Tour – Ho Chi Minh City

Friends, we have a city tour on 02 April 2019 from 11.00 a.m onwards. Due to some unavoidable factors, we may not able to conduct a football match in a limited time. Some of our members are arriving late and cannot participate in the match. Also, few female delegates expressed their disinterest to participate in the football match. Hence, we are organizing a city tour on 02 April. Please assemble in the lobby by 11.00 a.m and will be back to the hotel around 3.00 p.m.

Request you to submit the “express of interest” form to confirm your participation in the city tour.


Looking forward to your usual cooperation and support.

Let’s make this event a more memorable one for each one of us!!!

See you soon.



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