Vox Group Pty Ltd is based in Caringbah , Australia.

At VoxGroup, legal, trade assistance and logistics services are provided by multi-disciplinary teams rather than a traditional team of lawyers,

In recognition that our clients demand that legal and trade services are provided with a greater commercial mindset.

Not only is our brokerage operated with licensed customs brokers, and our consulting professionals are all licenced customs brokers as well,

VoxLaw’s legal director is a former customs broker – we know the customs, indirect tax, transport and international trade industries.

VoxGroup, through it’s legal practice VoxLaw, offer a full service multi-disciplinary law firm that services,

Amongst all your commercial law requirements, international trade law, customs law, and the the freight forwarding and broking community.

Alongside the legal practice VoxLaw, the industry assistance practice VoxTrade provides an international trade.

Company accesses worldwide freight forwarding services using appointed agents specialising in dedicated traffic routes with in-country expertise to deal with local government authorities and suppliers on the ground.

VoxGroup is the FNC-Group Member since 1st march,2018. Mr.Brett Greedy is the Key contact person with FNC-Group.

Address :
Suite 3, Level 2, 28-30 President Ave

NSW , Australia

Phone :0412146615

Website :www.voxgroup.com.au

To join FNC Group please check the requirement and application form. We are accepting quality freight forwarders to our network.